With the cannabis industry growing and expected to boom soon, more colleges are offering certificate programs, including one college in Upstate New York.

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Elmira College has just announced it is expanding its academic offerings for those students who are interested in industries expected to grow in the future, including the cannabis industry.

Elmira College has added three cannabis non-credit, or certificate, programs each of which is designed to help provide job skills training for individuals interested in stepping into the cannabis industry in the future.

Legalized in New York in 2021, cannabis is actually the fastest-growing industry in the United States and for this reason, Elmira College has teamed up with Green Flower which is the leader in the cannabis industry education.

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The cannabis certificate programs offered by Elmira College in conjunction with Green Flower will cover the following: advanced dispensary associate skills training, cannabis
extraction and product development, and cultivation.

Each of the offered certificate programs will take nine weeks to complete and each program is offered fully online.

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Dr. Patricia Ireland, Elmira College Provost says, "With the surge in the cannabis industry in New York, skilled professionals are, and will continue to be, needed.

Dr. Ireland continued, “This non-credit, professional program extends the reach of EC’s existing medicinal plant chemistry concentration, by offering opportunities beyond a four-year degree for those looking to enter the industry..."

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