Anyone who is considering (or even simply thinking about) a new job, needs to know that writing a strong resume is crucial and that the choice of words used in your resume can make a significant impact.

If you're working on your resume and applying for a job in New York, you'll want to lay your eyes on this because changing up just a few things could help you stand out above all of the other people applying for the same job.

In a recent study, the most commonly used words and their misspellings on New Yorkers' resumes were analyzed. The study by QRFY examined resumes updated within the last six months using Indeed's Resume Search feature.

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Most Overused Words on New York Resumes

Responsible: The word 'Responsible' topped the list as the most overused word on New York resumes, appearing in over 265,729 resumes. This word also ranked as the most frequently used word nationally, surpassing all others by a massive 346%.

Organized: Coming in second place, 'Organized' was found in 234,205 resumes. This highlights the importance of showcasing organizational skills in the competitive job market but think about using a different word to stand out.

Experienced: 'Experienced' ranked as the third most commonly used word with 212,065 appearances.

Effective: 'Effective' was the fourth most frequently used word, featuring in 201,874 resumes. Employers no doubt appreciate candidates who demonstrate their ability to produce desired results but see if you can find a more creative way to describe your effectiveness.

Skilled: The word 'Skilled' appeared in 172,648 resumes which clearly shows that New Yorkers want to highlight their proficiency in various areas.

Leadership: 'Leadership' was used in 135,652 resumes.

Team player: The term 'Team player' appeared in 127,486 resumes, emphasizing the importance of collaboration but maybe use the word "Collaborative" to set yourself apart.

Detail-oriented: Displaying attention to detail, 'Detail-oriented' was found in 126,780 resumes.

Proactive: The word 'Proactive' appeared in 120,925 resumes, suggesting individuals' initiative and ability to take the lead.

Most Common Misspelled Words on New York Resumes

In addition to analyzing common word usage, QRFY also identified the most frequently misspelled words on New Yorkers' resumes. The top three misspelled words were:

Responsbile (misspelling of 'Responsible')

Orgnanized (misspelling of 'Organized')

Experianced (misspelling of 'Experienced')

Don't forget that it's so important to double-check and proofread your resume to avoid these common spelling mistakes.

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