I can't remember a time that I was not completely fascinated with the royal family. To this dreamer, their lives have made the pages of my fictional books about fairytales come to life.

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The day after my sixth birthday, I decided that Queen Elizabeth and I were going to be friends. I also decided that I wanted to be Queen one day and so, I wrote her a letter.

To the shock of everyone in my life, I received a return letter from Buckingham Palace a few months later and although the letter wasn't written by Queen Elizabeth, it was hand signed by one of her Ladies in Waiting and sealed with the official Buckingham Palace wax seal.

I vividly remember where I was the day that I learned that Prince Charles and Princess Diana would be divorcing and the day the news broke that Diana had died.

I recorded and collected newspapers about Diana's funeral, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the funeral of Prince Phillip, and of course, the funeral of my friend, Queen Elizabeth. I even watched Harry and Meghan's Netflix special.

This Saturday, May 6, history will be made as King Charles will be officially crowned at his coronation and the funny thing is that I don't really care.

I'll watch with my little boy because I think that it's important for families to involve their children in discussion and marking historic moments, but I am simply not as invested in the coronation of King Charles as I have been with all of the rest of the royal goings on of the last 40 years.

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I'm not the only one who isn't all that interested in King Charles being coronated. The researchers at Gambling.com were curious about what states are the most interested in the events that are happening on Saturday and so they analyzed Google search volumes for the new King.

The state most interested in the coronation is Vermont. After Vermont, the most interested are Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine - interestingly, all New England states.

Where does New York rank on the interest list? Pretty much at the bottom. New Yorkers, according to the search volume data are the fourth least interested in coronation activities.

Interestingly, Americans are still interested in the royal family according to The Guardian, but we just aren't all that interested in King Charles. Ouch.

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