Airports and airplane travel can sometimes lead to uncomfortable situations but they don't have to.

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To help New Yorkers be the best flyers we can be during the upcoming holiday travel season, SkyParkSecure collaborated with etiquette expert Jo Bryant who shared her thoughts on some of the biggest travel 'icks' and how to handle them with grace.

Should You Request to Swap Seats When Flying?

When you're assigned a miserable middle seat, it's natural to want to swap with someone else. Jo says that there are some valid reasons to request a seat change such as a tall person needing more legroom but if your request isn't granted, you should accept it gracefully instead of becoming rude and angry.

Should You Fly With Your Shoes On or Off?

While it's generally better to keep shoes on, for longer flights, taking them off is acceptable. However, ensure that your feet are presentable, and odor-free, and never place them on seats or armrests.

Should You Clap When Your Plane Lands?

Although a lot of people clap after the pilot lands the plane, clapping is considered rude. A round of applause implies either surprise at their skill or sarcasm if the landing wasn't smooth.

Is It Okay to Bring Smelly Food On An Airplane?

No law says you can't, but why would you want to do that to other people? Avoid bringing smelly food onboard. While airlines' meals may have strong odors, it is inconsiderate to subject your fellow passengers to offensive smells.

Security Smooth Moves

Prepare for security checks by organizing your belongings beforehand. Follow the rules regarding electronics, liquids, and removing items from your pockets to avoid unnecessary delays.

Cheers or No Cheers?

Drinking before a flight is fine, but boarding while intoxicated is disrespectful and can cause inconvenience to others. Sip responsibly to avoid feeling sick or annoying fellow travelers.

Talk to Seat Mate?

Acknowledge the person next to you, but be mindful of their body language. Respect personal space and gauge whether or not they want to have a conversation. Don't force interaction if they prefer to keep to themselves.


Wait your turn to disembark, but also be ready to move efficiently. Help others with their overhead bags and allow those seated near the exit to exit first. Avoid pushing or rushing down the aisle and consider choosing a seat closer to the door if you're anxious to deplane.

Reclining Rules

While reclining is a right, be considerate of the timing. Avoid reclining immediately after takeoff or during meal service. Wait until the cabin lights are dimmed and the quiet period of the flight has begun. When activities pick up again, return your seat to an upright position to allow space for others.

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