We love our NFL football and it can be a love-hate relationship. We love to hate the other team and sometimes we hate to love our favorite team. I've said this many times, "Washington can quit testing me as a fan and start winning some games."

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So when it comes to NFL fans, what team has the most annoying NFL fans? I'm a Washington fan and I've been to Buffalo, New York, and Philadelphia to watch my favorite team lose.

You would think that New York or Philadelphia fans would be the most annoying since they were playing a division rival. WRONG! By far, my worst experience was at a Buffalo game. So it got me wondering - What fan base is the most annoying in the NFL?

Most Annoying Fans In The NFL

WegENT analyzed social media posts to find the answer. I wasn't shocked to see that someone has a beef with the Buffalo fans but they weren't number one or two. Congratulations go to the Dallas Cowboys fans as the most annoying fans in the NFL.

I'm not overly surprised that the NFL team that booed Santa came in second, Fly Philadelphia Eagles Fly as you soar to #2. Number 2 seems to fit. Finally, congrats to Buffalo as you take the bronze in this football fanbase poll.

Here are a few more teams that made the list as having the most annoying fanbase in the NFL. They are Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, New York Giants, and Baltimore Ravens fans.

Least Annoying Fans in The NFL

Washington came in as the third least annoying fanbase, ahead of Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. Before the recent owner change, Washington would been near the top of the apathetic FAN list but I digress.

Since we are talking about the NFL, did you know that an estimated 73.5 million Americans (about 28% of all adults in the country) are planning to place at least one bet on a game this season?

That seems like a lot but I'm willing to bet (ha ha) that number will go up significantly in the coming years.

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