Why is it that many times when you need to look for or retrieve something you own, you can't remember where you placed it?

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That's pretty much my life. I put stuff away that I don't have any use for in the near future, and then, when I need it, I've forgotten where I placed it.

And right now, I'm searching high and low for a couple of 2-dollar bills that I have stashed away...somewhere. I'm just not sure where.

The reason? It might be worth a whole lot more than 2 dollars. Probably not, but worth checking anyway. Why would these bills be with more? According to a CBS News website article, a 2003 two-dollar bill recently sold for $2,400 according to  Heritage Auctions.

The 2003 bill had a very low serial number. It was then resold for $4000. The U.S. Currency Auction website has a list detailing the series year, type, seal color, average circulated note price, and uncirculated price of various two-dollar bills.

For example, a 1928B  two-dollar bill with a red seal color could be worth somewhere between 70 to 17 dollars if it's an average circulated note and $1000+ for an uncirculated bill.

U.S. two-dollar bills come in several seal colors - green, red, brown, brown with a red serial number, brown with a blue serial number, and red with a blue serial number. Bills containing red or blue serial numbers could be worth between $125 and $3000+.

The U.S. Currency Auction website shows the majority of two-dollar bills listed have a red seal. Those bills can sell for anywhere between $3 to $2500 depending on the qualifications.

Check out the two-dollar currency price list here. If you have a two-dollar bill (or more) it's worth checking out.

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