Another long-time vendor has pulled out of the New York State Fair.

First, it was the New York Brew Pub & Distillery and their famous Moonshine slushies that pulled the plug. Now it's the Baldwin Fund, that has been a part of the fair for the past 33 years.

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Baldwin Fund Out at NYS Fair

The Baldwin Fund was founded by Carol M. Baldwin to support breast cancer research. Its mission is to serve the community and Beth Baldwin says that will not change. However, staying at the New York State Fair this year will.

Changes happen, and I have remained committed but I can no longer participate and feel it is time to take a stand for what is right for the organization and the people who work so hard to help us. I can no longer stand for the changes being made by the leaders at the State Fair.

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Voices Not Being Heard

The decision to pull out of the 2023 New York State Fair wasn't made lightly but when concerns went unheard, Baldwin said it was necessary.

We the vendors and organizations are the heart of the NYS Fair and our voices are not being heard. When you can no longer feel good about the task at hand and it becomes a distraction to serving our community it becomes time to make a change.

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Baldwin Fund Still Helping

Just because the Baldwin Fund won't be at the Fair this year, doesn't mean they won't still be available for anyone who needs them.

We will continue to focus on the mission of raising critical funding for treatment and a cure for breast cancer.

Learn more about the mission to help find a cure for breast cancer at

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