Although it seemed that the six-year legal battle over Prince’s estate had finally been settled in 2022, the issue returned to court this week.

An agreement had been reached in which two holding companies shared control of the late artist’s properties. One of those, Primary Wave, is not involved in the new lawsuit. The other, Prince Legacy LLC, which includes family members among its board of directors, is the subject of paperwork filed in a Delaware court, Billboard reported.

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L. Londell McMillan and Charles Spicer – who were associated with Prince during his lifetime and who were appointed managers of Prince Legacy – launched the new suit, accusing the musician’s relatives of trying to force them out of the business. Named in the filing were Prince’s half-sisters Sharon and Norrine Nelson, his niece Breanna Nelson and his nephew Allen Nelson.

“The Individual defendants lack any business and management experience, have no experience in the music and entertainment industries, and have no experience negotiating and managing high-level deals in the entertainment industry,” read the complaint from McMillan and Spicer.

“They have a documented history of infighting. Based on the amount and complexity of the work that Prince Legacy is involved with, they are simply not capable of stepping in and managing its business.”

How Prince Heirs Shared $156m Estate

The pair claimed of Sharon and Norrine’s alleged attempt to “install themselves” in the current managers’ places: “Their interference and intervention will make it impossible to carry on the business of Prince Legacy and will cause irreparable harm to the Company’s good will, existing relationships, and revenue streams.”

As a result of Prince leaving no will when he died in 2016, a tortuous legal process began to value his properties and identify its owners. Six Nelson family members were given part ownership of the $156 million estate, with three of those selling to Primary Wave, and others working together in Prince Legacy.

When the initial legal settlement was finalized in 2022, Sharon Nelson pledged that Prince Legacy were “going to bring his original music out,” while an attorney for Primary Wave said: “Our goal is to work collaboratively with them to continue to build and to grow Prince’s legacy as a 50% owner. We have the best interests of everyone in mind as we move forward.”

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