Neal Schon will release Journey Through Time, a career-spanning live concert featuring Journey classics and deep cuts, on May 19.

The sold-out performance took place on Feb. 9, 2018, at the Independent in Journey's hometown of San Francisco to raise money for the victims of the October 2017 Northern California wildfires.

The lineup featured former Journey and Santana keyboardist Gregg Rolie, current Journey drummer Deen Castronovo, former Journey bassist Marco Mendoza and keyboardist and singer John Varn.

Schon is previewing the collection with a performance of the Journey classic "Lights." You can watch the video below.

While Journey Through Time features Steve Perry-era Journey hits such as "Separate Ways," "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" and "Wheel in the Sky," it also includes early cuts such as "Kohoutek" and "Of a Lifetime" off the band's self-titled 1975 debut album. The announcement comes roughly a month after Rolie joined Journey onstage in Austin to play several deep cuts from his tenure with the band.

"I think the main thing is it just brings the smiles out of Neal and myself," Rolie told UCR of the experience. "You know, if you write and record things like that, and then do them for years, it becomes inbred. You don't have to rehearse much, you just don't. You go back and say, 'What have I done?' – and then change it a bit, so that it's new but not too far off from the song. That's kind of what happened. Quite frankly, the sound check was it for me, because I'm a one-take kind of guy. And then we went to play and it was stunning; the whole thing was just stunning."

Journey Through Time is available for preorder now in both a three-CD/DVD package and on Blu-Ray. You can see the full set list below.

Neal Schon, 'Journey Through Time' Track Listing
1. "I'm Gonna Leave You"
2. "Look Into the Future"
3. "Kohoutek"
4. "Daydream"
5. "La Do La"
6. "Line of Fire"
7. "Walks Like a Lady"
8. "Feelin' That Way"
9. "Anytime"
10. "Lights"
11. "Still They Ride"
12. "Separate Ways"
13. "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'"
14. "Wheel in the Sky"
15. "Patiently" (Medley)
16. "Trial by Fire" (Medley)
17. "Stay Awhile" (Medley)
18. "Mystery Mountain"
19. "Of a Lifetime"
20. "Just the Same Way"
21. "Lovin' You Is Easy"
22. "Lady Luck"
23. "You're on Your Own"
24. "Hustler"
25. "Nickel and Dime"
26. "People"
27. "Mother Father"
28. "Any Way You Want It"
29. "Don't Stop Believin'"
30. "Black Magic Woman"
31. "Oye Como Va"

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