Motley Crue has re-released a demo of "Hotter Than Hell" — an early version of "Louder Than Hell" — off their upcoming Shout at the Devil 40th-anniversary box set, Year of the Devil.

You can watch the song's new lyric video below.

"Hotter Than Hell" previously appeared on a 2003 remastered edition of Shout at the Devil. The grinding, riff-heavy song shows Motley Crue at their most metallic. The track received a facelift and appeared on 1985's Theatre of Pain as "Louder Than Hell."

Motley Crue's 'Year of the Devil' Box Set Details

Year of the Devil will be released on Oct. 27 and is available to preorder now. Motley Crue previously teased the collection with a demo of the song "Black Widow." You can see the full track listing below.

The deluxe box set features the original Shout at the Devil album on CD, cassette and orange and yellow splatter vinyl, along with the Shout at the Demos & Rarities disc on red and white splatter vinyl. It also includes 7" singles of "Looks That Kill" and "Too Young to Fall in Love," band member tarot cards, a pentagram seance board, lithograph art prints and other paraphernalia.

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In addition to "Hotter Than Hell," the Demos & Rarities disc includes other songs that Motley Crue has released variously over the years. Early versions of "Shout at the Devil," "Looks That Kill," "Too Young to Fall in Love" and "I Will Survive" appeared on the 2003 Shout at the Devil reissue. A demo of "Knock 'Em Dead, Kid" first appeared on 1999's Supersonic and Demonic Relics, and “Black Widow” was included on 2005's Red, White & Crue.

Motley Crue, 'Year of the Devil' Track Listing 
Shout at the Devil
1. "In the Beginning"
2."Shout at the Devil"
3."Looks That Kill"
5."God Bless the Children of the Beast"
6."Helter Skelter"
7."Red Hot"
8."Too Young to Fall in Love"
9."Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid"
10."Ten Seconds to Love"

Shout at the Demos & Rarities
1."Shout at the Devil" (Demo)
2."Looks That Kill" (Demo)
3."Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid" (Demo)
4."Too Young to Fall in Love" (Demo)
5."Hotter Than Hell" (Demo for "Louder Than Hell")
6."I Will Survive" (Demo)
7."Black Widow" (Demo)

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