David Lee Roth claims he recently spent $92,000 paying his marijuana bill.

“I smoke every day,” the former Van Halen singer explained in a recently uploaded YouTube video. “I smoke my body weight. More than the gross national product of most emerging young African nations.”

Roth then proceeded to get his business manager on the phone to verify his cannabis spending habits.

“Jerry, would you please share with the folks my recent bill for pot coming from The Silver Lake dispensary?”

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“Are you sure you want to hear this?” the manager replied, to which Roth insisted. “$92,000.”

“The $92,000 pot bill. That's got to be a record,” Roth pondered. “That's got to be special. That's got to be a world record special.”

Roth Has Been Going to the Dispensary for Years

The rocker went on to recall how he first started frequenting the dispensary, located just outside of Hollywood.

“I walked into the dispensary the first time and I asked them, ‘I want something that's kind of strong. Clearly I'm a little bit energized I'm switched on.’ [The employee] says, ‘What do you mean?’ I say, ‘I want to watch Godfather one and Godfather II without getting up to pee.”

Roth was recommended a strain called Skywalker OG, “As in the second Godfather finishes you look at your watch and go, ‘Oh gee.’”

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The singer further explained that he receives his cannabis via delivery these days. “It's all above board, it's taxed,” he noted. Roth claimed his running tab was kept by the dispensary on a Post-it note that got lost for years, which is why his bill eventually climbed so high without payment.

“Who becomes a fireman? A kid whose dad is a fireman. Who becomes a doctor? A daughter whose dad's a doctor. And who loses Post-it notes for seven and a half years? Somebody who grows pot.”

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