This destructive insect is active right now in New York State. And I can tell you from personal experience that this insect is trouble. I have four perfectly round holes drilled in my wooden fence from it.

Yasmin Young
Yasmin Young

Could Carpenter Bees Damage Your Home Or Wooden Structures?

The answer is absolutely YES! According to Cornell,

"Carpenter bees are spring pollinators but are considered pests when they damage wooden structures. Birds like woodpeckers add to damage when they search for bee larvae and create large openings in the wood."

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I first noticed a few bees flying around in my small backyard but wasn't initially too worried because I have a screened-in gazebo, so they really can't get to me. But, then I started to wonder what kept attracting them to my wooden fence. Upon further examination, I noticed perfectly drilled holes in the posts of my fence. Then I realized those suckers were making a nest in my fence! Thankfully, my home is made of a composite material, which takes concrete drill bits to pierce I know from trying to put up my security cameras and struggling to even make a small hole in the siding.

Yasmin Young
Yasmin Young

However, if you have an older home that is made of wood, carpenter bees could damage the structure of your home if they choose to become your tenants. You might mistake a carpenter bee for a bumble bee, but they are slightly different in appearance.

Carpenter bees are common spring and summer insects in the eastern United States.


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The female carpenter bees bore into dead wood and create their nests, thus often categorizing them as pests. Let me tell you, I am PISSED that these bees decided to make their home/nursery in my dead wood fence. I did get a peppermint oil spray from Amazon that seems to "bee" keeping them away. But, I feel like I need to spray it often to be on the safe side.

Yasmin Young
Yasmin Young

How Do You Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees?

If you see what looks like bumblebees spending a lot of time around your home or another wood structure, take a closer look...they could be carpenter bees. Cornell offers this advice to get rid of carpenter bees:

- Paint Wood Surfaces
- Block Existing Holes
- Trap Wood or a Decoy Piece Of Wood
- Make a Carpenter Bee Trap

According to Home Depot, almond or citrus oil will repel carpenter bees.

"A large bee infestation might require professional intervention. However, since carpenter bees are not social insects and tend to be more solitary bees, getting rid of carpenter bees usually does not involve dealing with a large hive. Pesticides offer an effective means to eliminate the pests."

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