We all know the most common laws in the land: buckle up, don't text while driving, don't shoot your neighbors. You know, the more well-known laws in the books.

What about the other laws, though?

The laws that don't get nearly as much attention, but according to a MoneyInc. article on bizarre laws in New York, are still technically enforceable in the Empire State. Laws prohibiting stray laundry, the sale of certain type of animal hair, and even the location of your child's puppet show.

There are some pretty bizarre laws in place in New York, and we're here to break some of them down.

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When it comes to bizarre laws anywhere in the country, including state laws in New York, they often come from decisions made decades and centuries ago. The laws are put into effect, then largely forgotten about. Yet, with some diligent researching, you can find a few nuggets deep in the archives.

That's exactly what Money Inc. did, listing a few of the more bizarre laws that we technically must follow...or else. Some of these laws will never impact your life, not for one second, at any point until the day you die. Others, however, might actually impact you, if someone was aware enough to call you out in front of a police officer.

Either way, it's fun to read some of the more bizarre laws that have been put into existence, and imagine the circumstances that led someone to propose it in the first place. Why must we fill out a permit for a clothes line in our yard? Why can't I have a puppet show in my window?

We try to answer ten of these questions below. Enjoy!

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