When YouTube user Eddie Zarick wanted to propose to his girlfriend, as an electronics geek and 'Iron Man' nerd, he wanted to make it an extra-special occasion. His girlfriend had always been very supportive of his work with electronics and she is also a huge fan of 'Iron Man.' Thus, Eddie's nickname of "Tony Stark" was born.

The future Mrs. Eddie Zarick adored his replica of Tony Stark's arc reactor, and the enterprising young man decided to build another one to show her the engagement ring right before he went down on one knee and popped the question.

On his blog, Zarick writes that he included a few LED lights to show off the ring as well as a little pocket inside of the reactor to make sure it was safely nestled inside for easy transport and accessibility.

We give Eddie two thumbs up for his nerd-tastic proposal idea. As for future nerd boyfriends who may be thinking about proposing to their girlfriends, well, the bar just got raised. You'll have to come up with something even more creative in order to even attempt to beat this adorably geeky proposal.

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