The Otsego Lake Association is reporting a new invasive species in Otsego Lake that bodes ill for the health of the lake's ecosystem. Not only does this Cooperstown lake harbor invasive Zebra Mussels which filter out algae that native species need for food, but now Quagga Mussels have been discovered and are also largely contributing to the clarity of Otsego Lake, filtering water and removing valuable plankton.

In a September 2020 update, The Otsego Lake Association posted on their facebook page that Quagga Mussels "disrupt the food chain. Our lake is at risk for hazardous Algae Blooms, which are hazardous to humans and animals and when this occurs, there is no swimming allowed."

The Association reminds boaters to please wash all watercraft BEFORE entering the lake to prevent further contamination of these harmful mollusks.

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