Cell phones. They're as much a part of our lives as the selfies we use them to take.

The hashtag #IfCellphonesDidntExist was trending Thursday on Twitter. It's a topic near and dear to many people's hearts, since everyone and their mother who isn't sure how to access YouTube (or even know what YouTube even is, for that matter) has a phone.

Sure, phones have made life easier for us, but there is a down side to it. Many people feel we've lost the ability to converse, become consumed with taking photos of our food and spend all our time tweeting...and tweeting...and tweeting every little thought that pops into our heads.

Appropriately enough, the Twittersphere jumped all over this hasthag, with everyone chiming in with their takes. Check it out for yourself. Then, go put down your phone and take a look outside. You remember outside, don't you? It's the world that's passing you by while you're busy setting just the right filter for that photo you're secretly hoping gets more than 20 likes.

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