There are just too many memories to count.

Our area is saddened to hear that the historic Fly Creek Cider Mill, in Fly Creek, is closed and for sale.  The Micahels' family, founders and owners, are retiring after years of providing our area with one of the state's great family destinations.

The cider mill has been a steady friend for generations for families.  My own family included.  Even though my children are grown and gone, they still insist on a trip up to Fly Creek every time they visit home.  And now, unfortunately, our grandchildren will not know the simple pleasures of snacking their way through the food store, playing at the little tykes playground, enjoying an ice cream cone at the picnic tables, and yes, even feeding the ducks on the pond.

The cider mill has been an economic engine for many years in Otsego County.  It is even a must-stop for many of the motor coaches who come into our area from New England, Pennsylvania and Canada.  It was also a part of the Cooperstown Beverage Trail

The cider mill has been the employer for countless students and teens through the years, many who can count their very first job at the cider mill.

It was a fun place, a charming place and most certainly a delicious place.  In October, nothing beat a cold glass of apple cider to wash down a warm homemade cider donut.

We wish the Michaels family a happy retirement and we say goodbye with a grateful heart for the years of service to our community.

Want to buy the Fly Creek Cider Mill?  CLICK HERE to see the full listing.

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