Hundreds of workers at the Amphenol Aerospace plant in Delaware County have hit the picket line in a dispute over wages, sick leave and medical benefits. 

Members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 1529 voted to go on strike on October 15, 2022.   

According to posts on social media and news accounts, the walk-out began at noon Saturday after rejecting a company offer that labor representatives said contained inadequate provisions for sick leave, did not offer necessary increases to cover the higher costs of medical care and lacked a provision to compensate essential employees who stayed on-the-job during the pandemic. 

IAM Facebook photo
IAM Facebook photo

Union officials say Amphenol employs around 700 workers between two facilities on Delaware Avenue in Sidney. 

Amphenol Aerospace describes itself as a designer and manufacturer of QPL Mil-spec and custom circular and rectangular electrical and electronic connectors for the military and aerospace industries. 

The company says it also specializes in designing and building high-speed cable assemblies, media converters, fiber optic connectors, Ethernet switches, high power and high voltage connectors and a variety of special application connectors and custom interconnect systems. 

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According to the announcement of the strike on the IAM Union website, the vote to strike on Saturday, October 15 was nearly unanimous with the main issue of sick leave joined with objection to a two-tier wage system. Officials say the two-tier system was created in 2013, giving workers employed after that date four dollars less per hour wages and no pension. 

According to the union site, “IAM Local 1529 members will stay on the picket line until we receive a contract recognizing the hard work and sacrifices made to make this company successful.” 

Company officials have not commented. 

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