There's a corner of the internet occupied by the wonderful world of goat videos. But did you know goats do more than just entertain us?

Every year, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory lets hundreds of goats free in Berkeley, Calif. in an attempt to keep the grass short in an attempt to cut down on the chance of wildfires.

A lab supervisor explained it this way:

Grazing goats are utilized to consume the tall grasses, broom and weeds that might otherwise -- in the event of a wildland fire -- spread flames up into the treasured stands of trees on our acreage."

This year, the event, which features animals brought in by the aptly-named  Goats R Us featured 800 goats with a herder watching over them until the job, expected to last five or six weeks, is complete.

The video first appeared on the lab's Facebook page and quickly caught fire from there (although, considering what the goats are doing, let's hope that's the only fire they're involved in):

Goats gone wild!We utilize goats at the lab in order to keep our grasses short and reduce fire hazards. In this video...

Posted by Berkeley Lab on Friday, June 12, 2015

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