Did you know that there is a 'Lost City' here in New York State?

How does a city get lost? Are these ruins of a civilization gone by? Grab your imagination and head just over an hour South of the Capital Region. With a little effort, you will discover the 'Lost City' in Gardiner, NY.

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According to Scenes From the Trail, the Lost City Loop at Mohonk Preserve is a ridge of cliffs that, from a distance, look as if a castle might have stood on this land at one time. Perhaps part of a village or city. These remnants are reachable via a moderate 2-and-a-half mile hiking loop.

YouTube.com-James Sherwood
YouTube.com-James Sherwood

What you are actually seeing are glacially created vertical rock fractures. They resemble a city skyline when viewed from a distance. If you have ever visited the Mohonk Mountain House some of the crevices that you are asked to crawl through on the Lost City Loop and the boulders that decorate the area are similar the mountain house 'Lemon Squeeze'.

Once you arrive at the stone skyline you might think you are, for Game of Thrones fans, at King's Landing after a major battle. One that destroyed most everything leaving shards of a foundation behind. There is even a King's Lane portion of the hike.

YouTube.com-James Sherwood
YouTube.com-James Sherwood

According to Unboxing Exploring, you can start your Lost City adventure from the Mohonk Preserve or Minnewaska State Park. Expect to pay a fee per car during season.

Explore New York State's Lost City

Gardiner, New York

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Abandoned Power House, Amsterdam New York

In 2017, the old Mohasco Power House in Amsterdam, NY was supposed to become an historical stop along the North Chuctanunda walking trail.

According to the Mohawk Valley Compass, the City of Amsterdam was awarded nearly $9,000 in grant money from the Preservation League of New York State. The hope was to determine whether the structure can be made safe for visitors. 5 years later, this is what it looks like.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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