While the song/poem, "Home On The Range" is an ode to the cowboys of the American West parts of it are true right here in the Adirondacks.  Maybe not the, "skies are not cloudy all day" part and we do frequently here a discouraging word, but the deer definitely do play. Check out these amazing William Straite photos of mom and newborn baby playing in the water.

William has been sharing his stunning wildlife photos with us for over a year and each time you think this has to be his best work. But with every new message comes something even more impressive. This time William captured a doe and her "just days old" baby experiencing life in the Adirondacks.

I was overwhelmed by what appeared to be clear signs of emotions and affection. It was also quite clear that it was the fawns first time near water. Oh how it ran and played

The fawn only played for a few minutes before returning to Momma's side. While many say you can't apply human emotions to animals, there's little doubt you can see the love of mom and child in this doe's eyes. William also captured just how young this little guy truly is, while there are moments of grace, the unstable legs also seem to flail in all directions at times.

The photo session ends with a few shots of twin fawns, which according to William is not as uncommon as you may think.

Young first year does generally have one and after that it's twins about 50 - 60 percent of the time.

Check out William's photos of mom and baby below.

Two Day Old Fawn Experiencing Life in the Adirondacks for the 1st Time

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