This high school student will have Michael Jackson smiling in his grave after seeing these moves.

As you can see in the video, the talent show was like any other high school talent show, full of singers, rappers, gymnasts and other very talented students. But, like in real life, you have to have a little more than talent to be noticed. This unnamed kid from Pitman High School, in Turlock, California, definitely brought it!


This young man brought his high school classmates to their feet after he performed a Michael Jackson tribute, lip-synching and dancing to 'Billie Jean' in the talent show.

It's reminiscent of MJ's performance at the 25th Anniversary of Motown in 1983 when he did the moon-walk for the first time on television.

Not only did he wow the crowd of his peers, he put on one heck of a performance that would even have MJ himself on his feet cheering!

Here is a "just because I feel like seeing the 'Billie Jean' video" video! Enjoy!

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