Everyone has a physical shortcoming. I know it's nice to think that we are all perfect, but I'm sorry, it's just not true. When we meet someone, the first thing we see is the physical appearance, but that does not mean that it is acceptable to comment on someone's physical appearance without knowing them. The most obvious physical trait is height, so if you are super tall or super short, it is almost a given that someone is going to comment on it with an "Oh wow, you're so tall!" I am 4'10" myself, and Katie Gengenbach, an Account Executive for Townsquare Media, is 5'10". It was nice to know that I am not alone, and tall people such as Katie, get the same annoying comments. We had a discussion about this issue this morning, so we had to bring it to the air, listen here:

Short people should be allowed to live in peace, and tall people should be allowed to wear heels with no questions asked, whenever they want! I hope you all have learned a valuable lesson here. We are all people with feelings and would like to have the comments put to rest. We know if we are short or tall. You're not telling that person something they don't already know. Shouldn't we know as adults, that staring or making fun of someone is wrong? So if you ever meet me out somewhere, and you decide to make a remark about my height, think twice, because I'm just going to assume that you have low self- esteem issues, otherwise why would it matter to you how tall I am?

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