Yesterday when I was out running some errands, I encountered a homeless man, standing in the median on Oneonta's Lettis Highway at the McDonalds intersection.  It was rather an unusual location to stand because if anyone had a desire to hand money over to this person, they would have trouble having enough time, even if stopped at the red light.

On occasion, I have seen homeless people at the Southside Mall and at Walmart, trying to get help from people who are coming in and out of those places. They always hold up some sort of sign, identifying that they are homeless and need help.  The man I saw yesterday had a card board sign and the only thing I could read on his sign was "homeless".

It's terrible to see that there are homeless people in our area, probably more than we think there are.  Of course there are services available to help these people, but only if they know to seek them out or if someone takes the time to help someone who is homeless get to those agencies who can help.

So, the question remains, if you see a homeless person, do you take time to help them in some way? Please answer our anonymous poll below.

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