Are you gearing up for Halloween? You're probably shopping for decorations. How about some allegedly haunted dolls?

Shockingly, on eBay you can find all sorts of haunted items. These can be boxes, pictures, books, and even dolls. Sellers claim that dark spirits are attached to these objects. Would you even want one in your home?

For some reason haunted dolls seem to be the creepiest thing you could own. Why not shop for these gems for $50 or less?

Here's a few to check out:

30 Allegedly Haunted Dolls You Can Buy On eBay Before Halloween

Shockingly, on eBay you can find all sorts of haunted items. These can be boxes, pictures, books, and even dolls. Sellers claim that dark spirits are attached to these objects. Would you even want one in your home? Why not shop for these gems for $50 or less?

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Here's that list again:

Lucia The Haunted Doll

This listing on eBay claims that the doll is a nineteen year old spirit named Lucia. Currently the bid is around $20.

She was destined for greatness with her beautiful looks and voice before her life was cut short by a drunk driver in 2016. She has a bubbly personality and loves getting her photo taken. Anytime that my kids are making tiktoks she likes to show up in them showing off her orbs."

You can find the listing on eBay here.


Chris The Haunted Doll

This listing on eBay claims that the doll is an 11 year old spirit. Currently you could buy her for $42:

Chris lost her life suddenly,  at the  age of Elevyn, and she does not know that she has past. It sounded like she said I am here."

You can find the listing on eBay here.


Mary The Haunted Doll

This listing on eBay claims that the doll is haunted by a friendly spirit named Mary.

She gets alone with everything and everyone. Even my dog looks forward to being in her presence. When she died no one knew she was sick, she never complained. Now that she is in the light, she wants to spread white positive energy with everyone. "

Currently Mary is on eBay for $39, and you can find her listing here.


Haunted Doll Possessed With A Demonic Spirit

This listing on eBay claims that the seller bought the doll as a joke, but the joke is far from funny now:

I purchased it at an estate sale because I thought it was funny that someone did this to a doll. I no longer find it funny. She creeps me out and I get very bad feelings. I cannot, under any circumstances, accept her return to my home."

Currently this doll is on eBay for $49, and you can find her listing here.


Tink The Haunted Doll

This listing on eBay claims that Tink is a 16 year old spirit trapped inside this doll:

This is Tink. She is 16 years old and her vessel is 9 in tall.. Tink is the perfect tag along. She is very friendly and loves fresh cut flowers and honey."

If you're looking for a garden partner, she's up for grabs on eBay for $20. You can find her listing here.


Dalina The Haunted Doll

This listing claims to have a friendly spirit named Dalina who is 35:

This is Dalina. She is 35 years old and her vessel is 18 in tall. Dalina is a very protective spirit. Likes to keep her eye out on any negativity that may be near. She also likes giving subtle Clues to us when she senses danger is coming our way."

You can check out her listing for $50 online here.


Mystery Cursing Doll

This listing claims to bring misfortune to your enemies:

I am asking that you be cautious with who you Target with these dolls because they can cause harm to the ones that you target. As a gift for a cursing doll I would gift them with black pepper. I would Place Salt in the area that you are keeping them."

You can check out this listing for $35 on eBay here.


Raven The Royal Haunted Doll

This listing claims that the doll is a 38 year old spirit named Raven:

This is Raven. She is 38 years old and her vessel is 17 in tall. Raven is all about getting you the respect that you deserve and empowering you to be the best that you can be. Raven is a queen and she knows it. She is very protective over those that she bonds with and looks out for their best interest."

Not all haunted dolls are bad ones. This listing is priced at $20 on eBay. You can see the full listing here.


Haunted Doll Melanie

This listing claims that the doll has the spirit of a dead aunt attached to it:

This Porcelain doll was given to the past owner when she Turned 16 in 1989. It was a gift from her Aunt Melanie. Aunt Melanie died last year. She passed away from Pneumonia. Her death was sudden and unexpected. Episodes with hearing labored breathing and coughing have come from the doll. It appears Aunt Melanie’s spirit is in the doll."

If you're interested in this list, the doll is currently selling for $25.


Haunted Doll Bernadette

This doll was received by the original owner back in 1963. The spirit seems attached to it through the years:

This is Bernadette, that I bring to you today. She is something way out of ordinary, even for me. I don't feel any negative energy coming off the vessel, just a very strong energy. I wish I could explain it better. I think it is something you have to experience to understand fully. I'm sure because of the fact she sends such a strong energy, whoever buys her will automatically feel a connection to her."

You could buy this doll right now for $42.


Haunted Doll Nick

Some haunted dolls seem pretty laid back and chill, Nick is one of those:

This is nick! He is 17 year’s old. He doesn’t remember how he passed away unfortunately. He said he had a few friends. He had a loving family and had 12 siblings"

This doll can be yours for $30.


Sarcastic Haunted Doll Named Shine

Need a little humor? This doll's spirit can provide it to you:

This is s h i n e. She is twenty-seven years old and her vessel is 16 in tall. If you get the feeling that shine is judging you oh, you are probably right.  This Spirit let you know really quick if you're doing something that she thinks is stupid.

If you're looking for humor, this doll can be yours for $20.


Haunted Doll Brooke

So far, this may be one of the oldest spirits attached to a doll that you'll find. Brooke dates back to the Civil War times:

Meet Brooke. She is a 20 year old spirit. Brooke is a positive spirit - meaning she won’t harm anybody. Her father owned a plantation in Georgia where they had many slaves that they tortured. She does communicate with spirit box and she communicates well however watch for language because she does say racial slurs.

If you have a racist uncle, why not a racist doll? This doll is for sale on eBay for $30.


Haunted Doll Tyna

If you ever wanted the feeling of having a guardian angel in doll form, Tyna is for you:

This is Tyna. She is 14 years old and her vessel is 15 in tall. You pronounce her name like Tina. T y n a is a very sweet Spirit. She looks at herself as a guardian over the rest of the spirits especially the younger ones."

She is currently on eBay for $20.


Haunted Doll Jessie

If clowns are creepy, imagine owning a haunted clown doll? Meet Jessie:

Jessie is a paranormal clown jester doll vessel that is 10 inches tall, and has a spooky white face, and she has a haunting face and golden eyes that are watching your every move. You can feel her presence, as she looks at you with her spooky looking eyes.

You can bid for her on eBay for $26.


Haunted Doll Candice

Mischievous spirit, benevolent, and active powers are the words to describe Candice:

This is Candice. I think she died in the 1970s, but I don’t think this is her first vessel. Her death was very tragic. Her mother was abusive, and Candice had a difficult life. One day, her mother kicked her out of the house for the day and forgot to let her back inside at night. Candice froze to death outside because it was winter."

For a smooth $10, she can be yours on eBay.


Haunted Doll Cynthia

If you want a doll who may answer questions, this one is for you:

I wish someone had a camera on me when she told me her name. I jumped up and yelled "same as me", a little over excited on my part, it just took me by surprise. The only movement I have had from her, I asked her to blow on the flame of the candle, and she did. I think she is just shy and will need someone that can spend time to coax her out her shyness. Cynthia is a positive energy and will cause no harm."

You can own her for less than $10 on eBay.


Roy The Haunted Clown

This next doll has a sad back story for sure:

This is Roy. Roy lived on the property out of a house known as his watch tower on a cemetery. He would watch people as they would visit there deceased loved ones and often wondered if people would do the same for him. Roy liked to watch people, but he wasn't a people person. He rarely had conversations with people and part of the reason is due to his childhood (which he would prefer I did not write about). "

You can own Roy from eBay for $45.

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