Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY is taking a cautious approach at this point during the COVID-19 pandemic and has made a couple of related announcements. Firstly, according to college officials, the campus will remain closed through the summer to the public. That was first implemented late last summer to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, all visitors to the Hartwick campus have to get approval before entering. To learn more about that call Campus Safety at (607) 431-4111 or visit Hartwick's COVID-19 information and resource webpage www.hartwick.edu/about-us/covidupdates.

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Alongside the public visitation protocols, Hartwick College will also be requiring all students and employees who will be on campus in any capacity to get fully vaccinated by August 1 for COVID-19 before the beginning of the fall 2021 semester. Students will start arriving on campus on August 26 with classes beginning on August 31.

President Margaret L. Drugovich states, “Vaccination is currently the best weapon we have against the evolving COVID-19 virus, and the best tool we have to reclaim the fully residential experience that is so important to how we educate at Hartwick."

Hartwick College joins SUNY Oneonta and all SUNY and CUNY colleges, along with almost 400 higher learning institutions nationwide that will be requiring students to be fully vaccinated before attending college in the fall.

You can learn more about Hartwick's COVID-19 related policies and information at www.hartwick.edu/about-us/covidupdates.

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