Heavy rain did some serious damage over the weekend in Otsego County to several roads in the county. Gilbertsville and Morris were a couple of the hardest hit with washed-out roads.

As of 2:00 pm yesterday afternoon, David Bliss, Chair of the Otsego County Board of Representatives, declared a State of Emergency due to flooding for the following areas: Town of Butternuts, Town of Morris, and Town of Pittsfield with some roadways in those areas washed out.

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The Otsego County Office of Emergency Services has closed the following roads due to heavy rainfall and substantial flooding:

- State Route 51 from the Village of Morris, South to State Route 8 in Mt. Upton
- In the Town of Morris: Dimock Hollow Road, Nichols Road, Jones Road and Burlingame Road.
- In the Town of Pittsfield: County Route 49 between Dunham Road and Cobb Road.
- Otsego County Route 18 From County Route 13 in the Town of Pittsfield, South to State Route 51 in the Town of Butternuts.
- Otsego County Route 4 from State Route 23 in the town of Morris to State Route 51 in the Village of Gilbertsville.

The State of Emergency that has been declared will continue until further notice and closed roads will be reopened following necessary repairs. It's possible that more road closures will be announced by the county so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the Otsego County Office of Emergency Services - Otsego County, New York Facebook page for the latest information. You can also sign up for Otsego County alerts. Just visit www.hyper-reach.com/nyotsegosignup.html to sign up.

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