Happy "Twosday" everybody. Deuces are wild as it's Tuesday, 2/22/2022, a rare day filled with the number 2 for all of those numerologists out there. Twos won't be wild like this on a Tuesday (Twosday) for another 200 years.

Is there anything special happening?

For starters, Google is offering up something special when people google the date. Try typing 2/22/22 into the search engine, and get your screen covered in confetti. If you visit a Ruby Tuesday, the closest one is now in Syracuse, their bar is offering drink specials for the unique Tuesday.

A little more than 10 years ago we saw Onesday: 1/11/11. Those with a love of numbers also enjoyed the entire decade with 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04,04, and all the way up to 12/12/12, but all of the 2s landed on Tuesday like this week really is quite unique.

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Coming up in 11 years, we'll see a similar date when we celebrate 3/3/33. 22 years from now we'll get 4/4/44, 5/5/55, etc. But, Tuesday is a once-in-a-lifetime Tuesday because a date like 2/22/22 won't come around for another 200 years on a Tuesday, and when it happens then, it will be even more special 2/22/2222. This will end up being the last time we'll see a date all lined up with the number 2 until February 22, 22222, 20,000 years into the future.

Let's be honest, you might not buy into the uniqueness of this numbers game with our calendar, and you might even feel this whole story is a bit trivial and ridiculous. I should be honest, you're not alone, I "too" think the story of this number is way "too" stupid to be posted on this website.

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