With Guns N' Roses bringing their "Not in This Lifetime..." tour to South America this fall, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan spoke with Fantastico, a news program on Brazil's Globo TV. It's the first time they've been interviewed on television since their reunion, and you can watch it above.

According to Rose, the reunion started with Paul Tollett, the president and CEO of Goldenvoice, the company behind Coachella, who approached the singer with the idea. Through members of their organization, they were able to get Slash's phone number.

"And then I had called him and he was on tour or something," Rose said, "and then eventually in October, we got together and we had a dinner at my house. And then Duff and I went and hung out right after that — like a week or so after. And then it was just kind of talking and planning. We initially were gonna do some kind of promos and stuff, and then other things came up that got in the way of that. ... And I went down to rehearsal, and everything just sounded right. And we just went to work. It was time to sing, see what the sound sounded like and stuff and get ready for the show, and it was all working."

McKagan added that he eased into the process. "Getting into rehearsals, it was really just kind of one day at a time," he said. "I don't know that I thought too much about how far ahead. It was just really cool to play some of the music with the guys that I was playing it with."

Rose also spoke of his future with AC/DC. "I'll do that as long as Angus [Young] wants to do it and as long as... we can make it work. Guns is really supportive about it. I love that it's my job. I love that Angus is my boss. And singing the early Brian [Johnson] songs -- the first couple of albums with Brian -- those are something else to sing, so it's physically a different animal and another kind of work. And I take pride in doing it. And it's a hard thing in its own way. So after this, there's a few days and then I'll do another 10 shows with AC/DC. And after that, it's kind of, whatever Angus wants to do."

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