Sometimes we all need a helping hand when it comes to gift giving and with Mother's Day on the way, wouldn't it be nice get mom something she'll really love?  I have some great ideas for you that you can pick up at great savings on our Townsquare Media Radio Auction event. 

First of all, I haven't met a mother yet who doesn't enjoy a nice meal out.  We have several Restaurants participating in Radio Auction and something for every taste.  Plus, the beauty is you pick up the gift certificate at significant savings!  Need I say more?

Another thing we have that is dear to my heart is gardening and gardening enthusiasts will love a gift certificate for the New Asbury Gardens.  Plus, we have gift certificates for massage from Kristin Sloth, and for the ladies who love to travel and experience exciting places, Eastern Travel offers gift certificates as well.

Did I mention that there's plenty of shiny bling for mothers out there?  We have beautiful jewelry from Edward Teleky Jewelers and The Silversmith & Goldsmith.

You can preview all the items.  Just click here and start planning your shopping list.  Oh, and if you want to stock up on gifts for others and yourself, why not?  The average savings is 60% off retail.  If there are things that you know you want, you might as well save money on them. Happy shopping everyone!

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