On the WZOZ 103.1fm Facebook page, we asked the question, "Best breakfast eatery in the Greater Oneonta area?" and many people posted their opinion.  Let's see if you agree with any mentioned...

  • Boudreau's in Laurens
  • Denny's in Oneonta
  • Jackie's in Milford
  • McDonalds
  • Morey's Restaurant in Oneonta
  • Sandy's Diner in Oneonta
  • Soda Jerks in Oneonta
  • The Breakfast Club in Jefferson
  • The Coffee Pot in Hobart Book Village
  • The Latte Lounge in Oneonta
  • The Plaza Diner in Oneonta
  • TK's Diner in Davenport

The restaurant mentioned most often and winner as "Greater Oneonta's Favorite Eatery" is Morey's Restaurant!

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