Yesterday, Governor Cuomo outlined his plan to reopen New York State based on COVID-19's impact on areas of the state with recommendations from the CDC. According to the Governor's office, if a region experiences a 14 decline in COVID-19 related hospitalizations, it may qualify for reopening.

Below are the Governor's Reopening phases and stipulations:

  • The first phase of reopening will apply to construction and manufacturing that are considered low risk.
  • Phase two will include the opening of industries based on priority and risk level.
  • There will be two weeks in between each phase to monitor the effects of the reopening and ensure hospitalization and infection rates are not increasing.
  • No attractions or businesses that would draw a large number of visitors from outside the local area will be able to open.
  • This reopening plan is being coordinated with multiple states, coordinating the reopening of transportation systems, parks, schools, beaches and businesses with special consideration on summer activities for downstate, public housing and low-income communities, food banks and child care.
  • The reopening of individual businesses will be contingent on each business being able to demonstrate how it has the ability to protect employees and consumers to lower risk of infection in the business. Local leaders in each region and industry will formulate these plans.

For more information on Governor Cuomo's reopening plan for New York, click here.

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