Governor Cuomo released good news about the fight against COVID-19 in New York State, stating Wednesday, "There's no doubt that we are now bending the curve and there's no doubt that we can't stop doing what we're doing." Cuomo also pleads with New Yorkers, "It's not a time to get complacent. It's not a time to do anything different than we've been doing. Remember what happened in Italy when the entire health care system became overrun. So we have to remain diligent, we have to remain disciplined going forward."

Needless to say, social distancing and staying home when possible is the way to go until further notice. Information released yesterday from the New York State Department of Health revealed that as of yesterday, there were 10,453 Additional Coronavirus Cases in statewide, bringing the total to 149,316. We're not "out of the woods" yet by a long shot!

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