For those looking for a beach experience this Memorial weekend, you're in luck at nearby Glimmerglass State Park in Cooperstown. According to park officials, the beach will be open each weekend (starting this weekend) for swimming from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If you head to the beach, remember to dress appropriately since the water will be chilly this time of year and it can get windy at Glimmerglass. Plus, new rules apply during the coronavirus pandemic: you must practice social distancing and respect the rules so that the park, beach and trails remain open and safe for everyone.

Beach capacity is expected to fill quickly so plan ahead by having alternate destinations ready. Glimmerglass can only allow a 50 percent capacity and once that capacity is reached, no one can be admitted until some people leave.

Glimmerglass officials state the following rules:

- Visitors should come prepared for a brief stay (1 hour or less) as well as have a backup plan to recreate in the event they are turned away if the park has reached the 50 percent threshold.

- Picnic areas around the beach area will not be available.

- Groups will not be allowed to congregate on the beach and face coverings will be required around public buildings, including restrooms.

- No concessions, fountains or amenities (ball fields, playgrounds, boat rentals) will be available.

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