Glenn Frey chatted with 97.1 WASH FM before his May gig in the nation’s capital, taking some time to promote his solo gigs. Of course the topic of the the Eagles came up, because really, how can it not?

Frey hinted about what the classic rock legends have up their sleeves, acknowledging that 2012 has been a “quieter year” for the band, since the individual members all have solo projects in various stages of completion and release,  like Joe Walsh, who is about to drop ‘Analog Man.’ But even though everyone is busy, Frey maintains that the Eagles remain on their minds. He said, “We keep that mothership tuned up and ready go. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw us on the road next year.”

While he promised no time frame on a 2013 tour, Frey also offered up a reason why the Eagles remain active at this point in their lives. “I am always surprised,” he said. “Every time I think I’ve got this band figured out, something happens that I totally couldn’t prepare myself for. It’s one of the reasons we stay together — it’s still interesting.”

While Frey admitted he doesn’t exactly sit around pondering the band’s place and position in the history of rock and popular music, he did offer an interesting theory about the group’s longevity. “If you are a band for your time, like the Eagles were the band for the ’70s, if you do it well enough, maybe you become a band for all time,” Frey said. “We’re still playing shows. We work every year.”

He also shared that his interest in jazz stems way, way back, admitting that his first name has two “N”s because he mother loved big band leader Glenn Miller.

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