Last September, Gerry Beckley, a founding member of America, released a solo album called Carousel. We now have an exclusive premiere of the lyric video for one of its songs, "Lifeline," which you can watch above.

"The song 'Lifeline' is a story very close to my heart," Beckley tells us. "It's one of my favorite tracks from Carousel."

In "Lifeline," you can hear Beckley's lifelong love of the Beatles in the way the harmonies over the guitar solo echo that band's "You Won't See Me." Beckley played most of the instruments on Carousel, which he recorded at Human Nature, his studio in Los Angeles.

Longtime Beach Boys and Brian Wilson sideman Jeff Foskett and executive producer Jeff Larson contributed some background vocals, and Ryland Steen played the bulk of the drums. For Beckley, being more or less a one-man band is a challenge he relishes.

"With a solo project, I'm really a committee of one," he said. "There's only myself to please. Having said that, it's not always easy. Each project is a snapshot in time. The material on Carousel came from a wide scope of inspiration."

Carousel contains nine originals and three covers: "Nature's Way" by Spirit, Gerry and the Pacemakers' "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" and "To Each and Everyone" by Gerry Rafferty. "I've fortunately never been short on inspiration for my original material but I do love to record a cover every so often," he notes. "These three are of course from my long list of fave songs."

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