Sophie Simmons, daughter of Kiss star Gene Simmons, said she tries to avoid letting him hear any of the music she’s working on, because he tends to post it on his social media channels. Sophie, who performs some of her own material and also writes for other artists, revealed that she’d become used to editing her dad’s output in order to avoid having her unfinished material exposed to the public. But she added that she understood why he did it.

“I usually don't play music for my family because they're so amazing and proud that they want to share it with anyone who will listen, and as an artist that's your worst nightmare, to share something before it's finished,” she told Billboard in a new interview. “They've lost their privileges of being sent songs because they just show everybody. I send songs to my mom 'cause she's my best friend and she understands the creative process.

“But my dad gets so proud; he's like, ‘Can I post this on social media?’ and we've since had to start editing his social media, he's so overzealous in posting every little thing. He'll post a video and an unreleased song of mine will be playing in the background, and I'll have to go in real quick and take it down. He doesn't think he's being an over-sharer, he's just proud and it's great. All parents should be like that.”

Sophie, 25, said there were advantages to having grown up in the Simmons household, notably that the children were “always able to express ourselves” and her parents worked hard to give them a normal childhood. And despite the cons of having been seen on the reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels since the age of 11, she continued, “I didn't have much of a choice of whether I was going to be on it or not. But I'm thankful that I was because it gave me the financial means to pursue music and I don't have to worry about working at a store until six [p.m.] and then go to the studio from six to midnight. It's given me a nice cushion to really go for this in a way I hope all artists can, which is dedicating 100 percent of your time to it.”

She recently released her new single, “Black Mirror,” which you can hear below.

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