We thought we'd seen it all when we found professional wrestlers who resemble the past and present members of Metallica, or when we realized that Jimmy Page is now a dead ringer for the Quaker Oats guy. Now, the latest entry -- and possibly a winner -- in the looks-like-a-classic-rocker category is a cow who resembles of Gene Simmons of Kiss when he's in full "Demon" makeup.

Hill Country Visitor, which calls itself a "local and travel website in Kerrville, Texas," posted the image to its Facebook page. "Gene Simmons, Where were you on or about November 25, 2016?," they ask. (Editors note: Just what are they implying?)

“I didn’t realize how uncanny the comparison was until a friend put the two pictures side by side,” Drew Taylor of Hill Country Visitor told the Huffington Post. “I said, ‘Can I have that picture? Can I use it?’”

They went on to say that Genie, as she is known, was born on July 28 on the ranch of an employee at a local steakhouse and that, rather than wind up on somebody's plate, she will act as a mascot for the restaurant.

"She's too cute a calf," Taylor added.

Rather than be offended by the notion that he looks like a cow, Simmons has embraced the resemblance. He tweeted an article about it, saying "This is real, folks!!! Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons."

Taylor said that he has contacted Simmons about offering to buy him a steak.

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