The other day, while I was waiting in a Doctor's office, the TV was on and turned to a health and fitness channel.  There was a interview on, featuring Michael Arnstein, a fruitarian, who has been living for five years on a fruitarian diet, consisting of only of...(you guessed it) fruit and some vegetables but the diet is predominantly fruit.  He claims to feel like a super-human and boasts his feats as an elite marathon runner who hasn't been sick, even with a minor cold in all those five years while on the diet. As a person who is always pursuing better health, does this mean I'm going to toss my hat into the fruitarian ring?  I must admit that Arnstein's claims are intriguing, but there is very little research on this diet and most information comes from those who are on the diet.  It's safe to say that this diet falls into the extreme category and people should beware.  Case in point, actor Ashton Kutcher went on the diet in his quest to research his role as Steve Jobs, who was a fruitarian.  Aston had to be taken to the hospital after being on fruits only diet for one month.  Turned out his pancreas was very distressed due to the bodily stress the diet caused.

I don't know if the fruitarian diet is the way to optimum health, but I do know that below,  Michael Arnstein gives out some great advice for beginner runners and even those who are looking for some motivation to exercise.  Who couldn't use a little motivation to move?

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