Beware! Those free at-home COVID tests may not really be free. They may be part of a scam.

The Better Business Bureau continues to receive numerous reports of scammers trying to capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest is free at-home COVID tests.

How the Scam Works

You get a message, email, phone call or even see a post on social media about qualifying for a free at-home test. But you're told to act fast because qualities are limited. This is believable since there has been a slew of shortages in the past several years.

To qualify, you're asked to provide details including your name, contact information, and insurance information. The BBB says you may also be asked for a credit card number to cover the delivery fees.

If you agree, you'll hand your sensitive personal information to scammers. Adding insult to injury, you will never receive your tests. They never existed.

How to Avoid COVID-19 Test Scams

If you want a free COVID-19 test, get it through official sources. Check with your pharmacist, or visit to see if you qualify. The FDA also has a list of authorized at-home COVID-19 tests.

Don't fall for the high-pressure tactics. Do your research before you hand over any personal information. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a detailed guide to testing for COVID-19.

Never share your personal information with someone you don't know. If you suspect it's been compromised, report it to

Never click links in emails, text messages, or social media. You may be opening up yourself to malware.

If you've been scammed, report it on It helps others to stay alert and avoid similar scams.

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