A local theater company which began back in 1996 with the mission of bringing professional, admission-free theater to the rural community at large that is in and surrounding Franklin, NY still has more stories to tell and refuses to let the COVID pandemic stop them from putting on shows of a varietal assortment this summer. I'm talking about Franklin Stage Company on Institution St. in the Village of Franklin.

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My family and I have enjoyed many wonderful, high quality shows at this theater which  has a very interesting home, located in a historic Greek-style building (Chapel Hall) built back in 1853. Chapel Hall was originally part of a college prep school, The Delaware Literary Institute which was in operation from 1835 to 1902 and it was one of the most prominent college prep schools in New York State at that time.

Typically, Franklin Stage shows take place in that historic building which was converted in a theater. However, with coronavirus safety concerns in mind and New York State COVID-19 guidelines to follow, the theater company decided it best to hold shows on the lawn in front of Chapel Hall and will have a stage for shows. Under current state guidelines they ask attendees to observe the following before coming to a performance:

you must present an ID with confirmation of a negative Covid-19 PCR/NAAT test taken within 72 hours of attendance,
Confirmation of a negative Covid-19 antigen “rapid” test taken within 6 hours of attendance,
Confirmation of having completed the Covid-19 vaccination series at least 14 days prior to attendance.

Naturally, since all shows will be held outdoors, you should come prepared with a lawn chair and anything else you need to be comfortable. They will restrooms available to be used before and/or after the show inside Chapel Hall.

Franklin Stage Company enthusiasts can look forward to the 2021 season beginning with an art show on Saturday and Sunday, July 3 and 4. For information on show offerings visit franklinstagecompany.org/2021-season.

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