For the love of God, can something be done about all the f*$&ing mosquitos that ruin everything you try to do outdoors? They are relentless in Central New York and we've had enough!

The endless rain this summer has caused a mosquito problem that has left many people at the end of their rope. "I have not been in my backyard in Marcy other than to mow since mid-July," said Mark Paciello, who has treated his backyard for mosquitos twice. "My pool has not been touched. My grill has not been used. The fire pit has remained empty all since the middle of July."

You're not alone Mark. We haven't sat on our back deck all summer. The grill remains covered too. Try playing a round of golf. It's nearly impossible. Even spraying your body from head to toe with repellent doesn't keep the pesky little buggers off you. They just buzz around your head as you try to putt. You can't even walk from your car into your home without being swarmed by a wall of mosquitoes.

The NYC Health Department sent trucks to spray areas of Brooklyn, New York in August to control the mosquito problem and reduce the risk of the West Nile Virus. Why can't they spray in Central New York too? There HAS to be more than in Brooklyn where there are fewer lakes, and rivers - all places mosquitos love to call home.

The Health Department does offer tips to avoid being bitten.

  • Cover up as much as possible. Wear shoes and socks, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Spray up with mosquito repellent.
  • Stay in during sunrise, sunset, and early in the evening.
  • Close doors and make sure open windows have screens on them.

Thanks for the tips but this year the mosquitos seem to bite through clothing that has been sprayed by repellent. They are also out at all times of the day, not just early in the morning or evening.

"There is no relief and something needs to be done," said Mark. "Anything my family and I try to do and anywhere we go is riddled with mosquitoes that ruins the entire time."

As the weather turns cooler in Central New York, maybe all the mosquitos will soon be gone. We didn't get to enjoy summer outdoors this year. Maybe we can at least enjoy fall.

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