This weekend's iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas had a pretty eclectic lineup of performers. This surely makes for some interesting conversations backstage, but it would be hard to top this encounter between Flavor Flav and Miley Cyrus.

As most people know, Miley began rocking a rather extreme platinum blonde hairdo last month. However, Flavor Flav would never be classified as "most people," so when he ran into her at the iHeartRadio shindig he greeted her with an enthusiastic "Gwen Stefani!" — confusing her with the (also platinum-haired) No Doubt singer.

Miley didn't correct him, and the two posed for a series of photos. When that was over, a member of Flav's entourage quietly informed him that he'd been speaking to Miley Cyrus.

At first Flav didn't believe he could've just been talking to 'Hannah Montana.' But eventually he was convinced, and apologized to Miley for the mixup.

The truth is, Cyrus doesn't look all that similar to Stefani, even with her new 'do. Instead she resembles a younger version of Flav's old pal Brigitte Nielsen. Now wouldn't it be something if Flav mixed Miley up with her?

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