An ambitious and fun fundraiser to help children in India receive much needed goats is going on this week in the first ever Oneonta School District-wide community service project: Oneonta, NY – Dunlod, India Sister City Goat Project.  Unfortunately, the school snow days have put a damper on the fundraising efforts so help is needed now!

This project challenges all of Oneonta's students to raise money which will help buy goats for children in Oneonta's Sister-City School in Dunlod, India.   Back in 2000 Oneonta, New York and Dundlod, Rajasthan were declared as Sister Cities by the mayors through proclamations.  Click here to see a history of this connection through the Ninash Foundation.

Every $60 raised in this project purchases one needy family a goat.  Any Oneonta student who raises $60 by the end of this school week, can pick a teacher they would like to see kiss a goat.  The photo above shows Oneonta Middle School Principal Kevin Johnson doing the honors.

You can help with this fundraiser.  Simply send your donation to any Oneonta public school. You can also vote for whatever teacher you would like to kiss a goat, but time is running out! You can also donate at the Ninash Foundation website if you would like to use a credit card.

Credit: Suzanne Johnson
Credit: Suzanne Johnson


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