Wouldn't it be fun to keep tabs on the big guy in the red suit?  You know, Santa?  Not only is there a way to track Santa's progress as he makes his way around the globe, but you can learn about the different countries where he makes his stops.The official Santa Tracker site NORAD Santa Tracker is the place to go to follow Santa's whereabouts.  NORAD stands for The North American Aerospace Defense Command.  NORAD is a United States and Canada bi-national organization whose job it is to provide aerospace warnings, aerospace control, and maritime warning for North America. "Aerospace warning includes the monitoring of man-made objects in space, and the detection, validation, and warning of attack against North America whether by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles, through mutual support arrangements with other commands."

Our family checks out the NORAD Santa Tracker every year and the kids love it!  I highly recommend it for family fun.

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