Thankfully there were no fatalities with the twister that moved through Westernville last Thursday. We have exclusive photos that show the power of the storm. See the stunning pics here.

Last week a tornado touched down at the Woods Valley Ski Area and then moved northeast into downtown Westernville. The tornado caused considerable damage along Main street. Several roofs were blown off houses, and numerous trees were uprooted and snapped, powerlines were down, and there was lots of crop damage.

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF1 tornado touched down in Westernville on Thursday night, July 8, 2021. This EF-1 tornado contained wind speeds up to 110 mph., hence the destruction in the photos.

In some cases, cleanup efforts by volunteers were slowed down and, in some cases, dangerous because of downed power lines. Hence, Sheriff Rob Maciol called for 'no unnecessary travel' into the Hamlet of Westernville and added a few extra patrol cars to the area.

WIBX reports Sheriff Maciol saying that curious bystanders and onlookers wanting to get a first-hand look at the destruction are getting in the way crews taking care of debris and tree removal. The Sheriff's Office has set up patrol units in Westernville looking to keep unauthorized personal out of the area.

''Deputies are only allowing local residents, first responders, work crews, and volunteers into affected neighborhoods,'' Maciol said. ''Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the many residents that have been affected by this violent tornado.''

Western Fire Department Chief Mike Anania told us several calls came in during the storms. A young woman who was driving slowed down due to the thunderstorm, dark skies, and high winds, then a utility pole broke, fell on her car, and smashed her windshield. In a separate incident, a man was filling his car at a gas station, and the tornado must have hit because he had to hold on to the gas pump for dear life when the wind roared through. He says he was flying sideways like a flag. Thankfully they are both ok.

Anania reminds community members of how lucky they are that they're the only ones who experience the tornado. If it also hit another community, let alone a bigger one like Rome, they would have had to share the services. For example, They would have had to share the 15 National Grid trucks and employees working solely on Westernville.

Anania and Western Fire Department would like to thank over 50 local businesses that include roofers, contractors, tree service companies, excavation companies, restaurants, and many more. These businesses came to the aid of Westernville on their own dime, and it's greatly appreciated. They also want to thank fellow fire departments for all their help and support:

  • New York Mills FD
  • New London FD
  • Woodgate FD
  • Stittville FD
  • Clark Mills FB
  • Taberg FD
  • Floyd FD
  • Oriskany Falls FD
  • Lee Center FD
  • McConnelsville FD
  • Lake Delta FD
  • Sylvan Beach FD
  • Port Leyden FD

LOOK: Exclusive Photos After EF-1 Tornado Blows Through Westernville NY

On July 8, 2021, a tornado touched down at Woods Valley Ski Area and then twisted its way northeast into downtown Westernville. The tornado caused considerable damage along Main Street. Roofs were blown off houses, trees were uprooted, there were downed powerlines and they were without power for days. Thankfully there were no fatalities. Here we have exclusive photos that show the scary strength of the storm.

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How crazy were those storms yesterday? It left a lot of damage in the area to homes, roadways, etc. These photos were submitted by our listeners. If you have any, send them to us inside the station app.

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