Duran Duran have released a video for "Invisible," the first single from their upcoming album, Future Past. The LP, the band's 15th, will arrive on Oct. 22.

The new video was created by artificial intelligence called Huxley and "features a simulated 360 Reality Audio Experience where fans can immerse themselves in the music with any pair of headphones," according to a press release.

You can watch the video below.

Describing the music of "Invisible," singer Simon Le Bon told BBC Radio 2's The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show that “it kind of started with the beat. It’s got a very, very assertive drum track. It’s really all about the rhythm. I just had to fit in a melody around that, really.”

"Invisible" indeed puts rhythm at the forefront, calling to mind both Prince's liquid grooves and the herky-jerky funk feel of David Bowie's albums between 1977's Low and 1980's Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). But the song also features grimy guitars from Blur's Graham Coxon that match the sharp edges of Nick Rhodes' synth parts.

During the radio interview, Le Bon noted the song began as “a story about a slightly dysfunctional relationship where one person never gets heard and the other person does all the talking. And this person who doesn't get heard thinks, 'Maybe I’m just invisible.'

"And then it suddenly took on a bigger scope, really," he added, citing a lyric - “And a voiceless crowd isn’t backing down" - as an example. "In the light of COVID and everything that’s been going on in the last year and a half, really, with all the different public movements and all the noise people have been making, it suddenly sounded relevant in a much bigger way.”

In addition to featuring Coxon, Duran Duran's Future Past includes appearances from Bowie pianist Mike Garson and indie-pop artist Lykke Li, as well as production by legendary electronic producer Giorgio Moroder, DJ and remixer Erol Alkan and Mark Ronson. The band will perform "Invisible" on the Billboard Music Awards on May 23.


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