The past couple of days have brought some scary times along our waterways.  Record rainfall, according to NWS Observer Dave Mattice, on several days has caused our normally placid creeks and rivers to become quite unruly.  This can be seen almost everywhere.  I see it every day when I come to work and cross the Rt. 357 Susquehanna bridge in Unadilla.  The water appeared to be just a foot from reaching the bridge level yesterday.  Again, some scary times.

And then we find this story from the Fly Creek, N.Y. Volunteer Fire Department page.  As I read it, I tried to imagine the scenario.  A thunderstorm is howling outside.  A call comes in.  There is a dangerous situation of a person struggling to keep from being sucked into a raging storm culvert.  Volunteers respond.  And they immediately go into action.  A person's life is saved.

We can never thank our first responders enough for the heroism they display on a routine basis.  Paid or unpaid we owe them a tip of the hat and a heartfelt "thank you."

Imagine what you would have been thinking as your emergency vehicle was barreling along in a downpour, lights and sirens on, not knowing what you were going to find when you get there.

Thank you to Jess Lanza and Henry Hight!

Here is how the incident was reported on the Fly Creek Volunteer Fire Department page today.:

From the Office of the Chief: We would like to acknowledge the lifesaving efforts performed today by 1st Asst Chief Jess Lanza and 2nd Asst Chief Henry Hight when they arrived on the scene of a person being sucked under the water into a culvert pipe by swift water conditions. Due to their quick response without thought for their personal safety along with members of the Town of Otsego Highway Dept, they entered the water rescuing the occupant and pulled them to safety. A job well done!

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