The odds of a woman having twins in a natural pregnancy is 1 in 250 according to so with odds that high for one set of twins, what are the odds that two women in labor at the Bassett Healthcare Birthing Center in Cooperstown would both have twins on the same say? I don't know but I DO know that it must be astronomical!

That very rare event happened at Bassett Healthcare Network’s Birthing Center in Cooperstown, NY last week with the birth of girl twins - Belle and Ella, along with a set of fraternal twins - Lyla and Brock.

According to Bassett Healthcare Network, all the babies were born healthy and well. No doubt, all the twins' parents were very relieved and beaming with pride.

I think twins are fascinating, don't you? Haven't we all wanted to be a twin at some point in our lives, especially if it means fooling someone in a fun way? That aside, twins are just so interesting! I found some facts about twins from to share...

- Is anyone surprised that many twins invent their own special language that they use with each other? Talk about an advantage!
- Identical twins may look the same and impossible to tell them apart but they do have their own unique fingerprints just like the rest of us.
- Just like other siblings born at different times, twins can actually have different skin tones.
- Twins know how to have a great time inside their mother's womb since they begin interacting with each other as early as 14 weeks into pregnancy!
- Identical twins are more unique than you may imagine. They don't have the same immune system so they can each develop different diseases.
- Here's one to blow your mind: believe it or not, a set of twins can have different fathers. Say what?!
- And here's some great news for mothers of twins: if you are the mother of twins, you have a tendency (in general) of living longer than other mothers which is very interesting considering that mothers of twin have a 3 to 4 times greater chance of having another set of twins with pregnancies.
- In what country do mothers give birth to the most twins and multiple births? That would be Nigeria. I ask, what's in the water in Nigeria?

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With all that said, I wish the parents of these two adorable sets of twins all the best. I imagine it must be a special experience to have twins.

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