The trailer for the Doors' long-lost self-produced rock documentary 'Feast of Friends' has the effect of stripping away four decades of mythology, revealing the group as flesh-and-blood collaborators and friends -- rather than rock demigods. You can watch the trailer for the movie, which will make its first official release on Nov. 11, above.

'Feasts of Friends' was filmed in a free-form manner, largely offstage, over a five-month period beginning in April 1968 as the Doors traveled between nine states, two countries and more than 20 cities. The project was headed up by Paul Ferrara, the Doors' official photographer and a former UCLA classmate of Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison, who would later praise 'Feast of Friends' as "a poetic documentary."

Over the years, portions of the movie have shown up as part of music videos and in band documentaries but, for whatever reason, 'Feast of Friends' has never been issued in full until now.

The upcoming DVD and Blu-ray includes the original film -- a bootleg favorite among Doors aficionados for years, even though it runs only 40 minutes -- as well as some extras: 'Feast of Friends: Encore,' a collection of outtakes, a 1968 British documentary titled 'The Doors are Open' and a 1967 performance for a Canadian TV variety show, which is highlighted by a 10-minute version of 'The End.'

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